Dealing with a Burn-out

People often ask what the difference is between “being overworked” and having a burnout. Being overworked shows itself in a relatively short time: from 3 to 6 months. Often there is a connection between a stressful event and a going through a stressful period time. Being overworked lasts for a relatively short time. Complaints that are observed often: frequent tiredness, apathy (lack of energy), irritability and a feeling that problems are accumulating.

These complaints can also be the symptoms of a burnout. To be able to differentiate between the two, it is important to understand that in the case of a burnout, there are actually more symptoms.

In many cases a burn-out is preceded by an extended period of being overworked. This overload is often enough not recognized, but is perceived as normal.

In the case of a burnout, there are different reactions that have been observed in the brain: people with burnout are sometimes able to simply leave their jobs, a reaction that is not seen in healthy people. This can mean that people suffering from burn-out have difficulty managing certain situations. It requires a greater mental effort, and therefor can explain the intense mental fatigue in patients who suffer from burn-out.

Symptoms of exhaustion

  • Physical and psychological fatigue, reduction of mental capacity;
  • Increased fatigue after a specific mental effort;
  • Exhaustion, not just tiredness after exercise;
  • Long period of complaints, symptoms often perceived but not recognized as important;
  • Two or more other different symptoms such as: pain in the muscles, neck or back, unable to relax, worrying, concentration problems.

Symptoms of burnout

First of all, be aware that not all the symptoms that you will find on this page are necessarily a sign of burnout.

You probably know very well if you feel good about yourself or not. If you are honest with yourself, you will know if you have to do something (even if you may not know what exactly to do).

Seeking outside help is a favor you grant yourself. A professional can help you find where the problem is coming from.  Burnout is not just a work-related problem. Generally speaking is a combination of factors that cause chronic stress that can lead to burnout.